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Mr. Abhishek Pratap Singh

Having Work experience in the field of Indian Handicrafts & Lifestyle Accessories for more than seventeen years. Comprehensively working with tribal and rural artisans of India, with special focus being Tribals of Jharkhand.

Having background in both Fashion Designing and Accessory Designing, have been associated with various Central and State agencies, various NGO’s, buyers, exporters and other agencies on different kind of social sector projects in Indian Handicrafts and handlooms.

Have been associated with various institutes like National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Pearl Academy, Parul University, inter National Institute of Fashion Design (iNIFD), International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT), Women Polytechnic, various state universities, etc. in the capacity of visiting faculty.

Empanelled Faculty with Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Institute (MSMEDI)
Ex Empanelled Designer with O/o Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

Technical Specialization:

Design Educator, Design & Technology up gradation in Traditional & Tribal Crafts, Reviving & Preservation of Languishing Crafts, Social Innovation at Grass Root Level, System Design, Curriculum Design, Design & Craft Research.

Material Specialization:

Fabric & Textiles, Cane & Bamboo, Pottery & Terracotta, Jewelry (Costume, Tribal & Precious), Metals, Leather, Lac & Lacquer, Stone, Paper Mache, Wood, Lantana & Sarkanda, Glass & Beads, Traditional Paintings, Grass & Plant Fibers, Carpets, Traditional Embroideries & Appliques


Experience of handling more than 80 Social & Grassroot projects in the field of handicrafts and training more than 3000 rural artisans with organizations like Niti Aayog of India, Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) (Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India) , Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd. (TRIFED) (Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India), Regional Design & Technology development Centre (O/o Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles), Ministry of Rural Development (Govt. of India), Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development Institute (MSMEDI), various state Governments and their state bodies on Handicrafts, NABARD, various NGO’s, buyers and exporters.

Mentoring and guiding various Start Ups through incubators like KIIT-TBI or voluntary organizations like Headstart and Shuruaat. Have been guiding start ups in all the processes of ideation to execution, to impelimentation.

Guiding and mentoring various students, individuals and agencies in the capacity of a visiting faculty and certified life coach.

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