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Mr. Keshav Kumar

Keshav Kumar - A pass out from the National School Of Drama specialization in acting and Post graduate in Theatre and Television from Punjabi university, Patiala this artist, excels in the field of acting.

He hails from the mythological city of Kurukshetra, Haryana, in India. He is one of the founder academician of State Institute of Film and Television.

Keshav's keen interest in pedagogical work in films, acting, writing on contemporary art, helps him to bring about innovation thus providing new dimensions in the field of acting and film making.

A Faculty of Film & Television in PLC State University of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak, he has the vast experience in teaching film making and acting in various institutes/Universities. His finesse in the acting and film making makes him the most sought after jury member for various film projects.

Besides this he has been the member of board of studies for developing and designing film courses and also has been part of major performances which have been showcased in India and across the world in countries like Germany, China and United Arab Emirates. Films mentored by him have been screened globally and achieved recognition.

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