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Mr. Kumar Chauhan

Kumar Chauhan is an Artist and art & design educator by profession. He is an alumna of Faculty of Fine arts, MS University of Baroda and has been working in the industry for more than 25 years. He professional practice mainly involves working in the Field of Art and Design.

As a design educator, he has Contributed teaching foundation design courses, Material oriented courses and craft research and documentation respectively at Prime design Institutes of India. Has also been involved with Craft and drawing based workshops and educational trips for students with Design institutes in India.

As an Art & Design professional He has Contributed to many organizations includes ‘The Times of India’, Vadilal Industries pvt, ltd. Sahid Smarak Museum’ Ahmedabad and Cultural Project Akshardham, at Gandhinagar.

He has been invited as an Art and Design Expert for a talk and lecturer, Creative Workshops, as a Jury member at institutes and Organizations of repute.

He is a well-known artist with many awards and Recognition

Academic Qualification: M. Fine Arts [Post-Diploma], MS University Baroda.
Experience: 30 Yrs.

Subject Taught

Design Drawing, Elements of Design, Principles of Design, Elements of Colour, , Design process, Environment design, Elements of Form & Space, Design & Environment, Visualization and Representation, Geometric Construction 3D, Colour & Perception, Composition, Design Drawing [ Human Figure drawing -Nature drawing -Perspective drawing],Illustration, Logo Design, Poster Design, Design Process, Introduction to Basic Materials and process (Paper, Wire, Pop),Art direction (Set Design).
and Subjects of Fine Arts

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