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Mr. Pranshu Chaudhary

He is in a perpetual quest for inspiration to develop concepts and demonstrations that stir my imagination.

A creative technologist and a playful futurist, He is actively involved in combining physical computing tools with storytelling methods.

His work revolves around the appropriateness of technology in the context it would be used.

Post Graduation: National Institute of Design | New Media Design |

Graduation: Abdul Kalam Technical University | Mechanical Engineering | 2010-2014 |

P R O F E S S I O N A L E X P E R I E N C E –

UX Design Strategy | Praja App – Building a mobile-first social media platform for

hyperlocal politics and public administration.

Interaction Designer | ValueLabs – Researched and documented Design System for

Smart Glasses, UX research and workshop to transform citizen data science platform.

Rapid-prototyping for multiple AR solutions.

Robotics Instructor | Ardubotics – Designed curriculum and pedagogy to teach

robotics to students of age group 8-15. Worked on setting up and building Interactive

Installations for Ardubotics.

T E A C H I N G E X P E R I E N C E –


Batch. Open Elective: Speculative Design with Food, Playfoodness

NIFT Bhubaneswar – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality rapid prototyping. 1 Week class with 2nd year students.

Mentor Design Inspire Fellowship – ValueLabs : Mentorship for Design Inspire fellowship by ValueLabs

S E L E C T E D A W A R D S –

Red Dot Design Award – 2020

Muse Creative: Augmented Reality – 2021

Muse Creative: Service Apps -2021

Muse Creative: Business Apps – 2021

Good Design Award – 2020

German Design Award – 2021

London International Creative Competition

IXDA- Engaging Project – 2021

The Architecture Master Prize 2020

Creative Communications Award- 2020

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