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Mr. Priyen Patel

Work Experience

He worked as Head of Design with Expandus (Skoda Dealers IT Department).
He worked as Design Consultant in Easy Pay.
He is the Founder of Bold Studio (Now Croquis Design) and worked as Creative Head for Branding.
He is Co Founder of Amngo and worked as Strategy & Design Head.
He is Design Consultant for AskZoee. His role is to research and study people in this field.

HIs skills are in to Visual Design, Brand Building, UI & UX Design and System Consulting.

He is very much passionate about design that solves problems and make life simple and easy. He believes in finding exceptional solutions, by representing humanistic emotions through design that people love. He do this by creating simple and accurate design which is shaped by strategy that Inspires life and Inspires action .

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