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Mrs. Asha Mandappa

Artist. Designer. Academician. Social Worker. Entrepreneur. Homemaker. Asha Mandapa is a lady who dons many hats.

A pioneer of Structural Architectural & Ornamental glass in India, her work graces homes, offices, hotels & institutions across the globe.

Her work has been exhibited in solo & group shows in India & abroad.

Her career in Ahmedabad itself has many a milestone.

Asha Mandapa started the Reflections Design Studio in 1992. For over 25 years, the studio has produced work that is new & revolutionary, for a client base that spans the globe.

She is a Related Professional Affiliate of the Stained-Glass Association of America.

However, apart from this, she works in diverse media such as Steel, Wood, Ceramic, Textile, Oils, Acrylics & Charcoal to name a few.

She is the Founder member & Director at the Institute of Design Expression Art & Learning, (IDEAL), as well as a Trustee of the Foundation for Art & Craft Expression (F.A.C.E).

Asha Mandapa has designed the curriculum for several courses & programs which she teaches.
She is Visiting Faculty at SID CEPT University since 2014.
Visiting Faculty, School of Liberal Studies, PDEU, since 2008 .
Academic Director IDEAL (Institute of Design Expression, Art & Learning ) since 2003.
The Social Service programs conducted at IDEAL have seen skill development through Creative Vocational education for the lesser privileged children of the Municipal school system.

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