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Ms. Anjali Umraniya

With Eight-year experience in Interior design, I have exceptional skills and experience in planning, detailing, designing and coordinating projects. My excellent communication, public relations, problem- solving and leadership skills, with my deep knowledge Interior Designing, make me a highly valuable employee.


Cadence Academy (Nagpur) - Mahatma Gandhi University
Bachelor of Arts (interior designing and decoration)

Cadence Academy (Nagpur) - Mahatma Gandhi University
Advance Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration

Perfect Multimedia - Maya Education and Research Society
Advance Diploma in Animation and VFX (AVFX)


She has worked as a faculty member in various Design Institutes and educate students in Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Construction, Photoshop, AutoCAD, 2D - 3D Drawing, Technical Drawing etc.

She is expert in Photoshop, 3D MAX, Auto CAD and Sony Vegas Software.

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