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Ms. Vaibhavi Thakkar Desai

Understanding that Design needs a practical approach and on-site experiences as well, I have worked with several Practitioners on a project basis. I started my own practice under TV Studio Designs and Consultants LLP.

TV Studio Designs and consultants LLP. is an Interior Design firm that holds expertise in Retail, Residential and commercial. It was established in 2013 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The studio’s name is the initial letters of the principal designer, but these initials also speak of the media – Television.

Television assumes a significant job in the structure of the general public. It has changed the social order of the world so much that we cannot disregard its significance. Design similarly has developed an environment where it plays a subconscious or conscious noteworthy job in everybody’s life.

In the present current society, Design and media have turned into a significant piece of our life. It must illuminate, instruct and engage. Design, like television, is an incredible and adaptable instrument that impacts people in general all things considered.

Both are the voice of the voiceless and have incredible power in the surroundings. With this philosophy mission is simple, developing efficient and quirky spaces to not just make a living but create experiences.

In continuation with my practice, I started pursuing a Ph.D. (2017) after post-graduation in CEPT. At present teaching a studio course “contextualizing interior space making” at FD, CEPT university

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