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Rajeshwari Modi

She is meticulous with her work. She is interested in architectural as well as urban design projects.

Presently run a firm named Splayce studio with Ar. Prashant Jadav. As a team they are particular about their working methods and process may it be conceptualising, working drawings, site co-ordination and site inspection, etc.

Questioning and understanding the issues has been thier way of working to which follows preparing project proposal, formulating program and detailed designing.

Structuring of issues and thoughts, formal use of words, meaning specificity, thought demonstration, placing an argument has been our process. Exploring our limits has always been her next agenda.

Her inclinations is towards socially sensitive projects and like to get into details of each related and relevant aspect. She is a green (plants and nature) enthusiast. Her ambition is to work towards seeing herself develop as a rigorous and a sensitive architect and an urban designer and be able to positively impact as many lives as possible through my work.

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