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# 44 among All the Universities in INDIA

Gujarat University, which was conceived in the minds of learned and public-spirited men like Gandhiji, Sardar Patel, Acharya Anandshankar B. Dhruva, Dada Saheb Mavlankar, Kasturbhai Lal bhai and many others in nineteen twenties. The University came into existence only after the achievement of independence.


In 1949, the University was established under the Gujarat University Act of the State Government 'as a teaching and affiliating University.' This was done as a measure of decentralization and reorganization of University education in the then Province of Bombay.


The University is a witness to the establishment of seven more Universities during the course of its life of more than five decades.


The seven universities which were carved out of the jurisdiction of the Gujarat University, namely, Sardar Patel University, Saurashtra University, Bhavnagar University, South Gujarat University, Gujarat Ayurveda University, Gujarat Agricultural University and North Gujarat University.


Besides being an affiliating University at the under-graduate level, it is a teaching one at the post-graduate level. The responsibility for post-graduate instruction has been statutorily given to the University.

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The vision is to establish as a Global Institution by bringing about conscious responsibility in understanding the needs of society by technological innovation, bringing out creative and expressive problem solving designs, thus becoming a center of excellence in Design Learning, Design Practice and Design Research.


  • To facilitate design learners from all across the globe to create design professionals of excellence in Design research by recognizing the problems.

  • To create entrepreneurs who can engage in global participation in key sectors by maintaining the bench mark of standards of design and recognizing the business and economic environment to the fullest.

  • To give birth to the leaders for reshaping and redesign the society at large in a most beautiful manner by creating opportunities for sustainable livelihood and increase in national economic growth.

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About Design School

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