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Fashion & Communication Design

Course - B. Design 

Duration – 4 years (8 Semester)

Eligibility – 12th Standard Pass / Any Stream / From Recognized Board

Admission – Through entrance Exam / Interview 


What is Fashion & Communication Design


Fashion Design is the art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories.

Through designing we communicate fashion. by using different styles, fabric, texture, accessories that speak of the culture and social attitude. This varies from place to place and with time.

If one has the talent, craziness and skill, then the fashion industry has its doors open  for them.

Fashion Communication Design is a specialized domain of fashion studies that helps students in learning communication knowledge and skills relevant to the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Communicating fashion requires skills as it is a specialized field in fashion studies. One can communicate through blogs, movies, magazine, audios, visuals, journals and other mediums

What you Must Learn to Become a

Fashion & Communication Designer?


FIRST THING FIRST - Even if you are not in the design portion of the industry, creativity and an eye for what is visually appealing is important in every aspect of the business. Through designing we communicate fashion. by using different styles, fabric, texture, accessories that speak of the culture and social attitude. This varies from place to place and with time.

Here You learn Design Thinking, Elements of Design, Design Process & Methods and to understand this we will take you to journey of Design History. Every Design have something to say, but how to convey your story behind the design, you need to learn to present, so enhance knowledge of Art & Aesthetics, Culture and of course improve your Drawing skills.

Fashion Designer should understand the basics of fabric quality, textures, and complementary colors to talk and write intelligently about the products. In fashion, the details are everything. That's true of both the clothes and the business. Talking about Fashion Communication and Design, Fashion is a subjective term, it is not restricted only to clothing. It includes the way a person wears clothes, the accessories, the foot wear, the hair style, the makeup, the piercings, the tattoos, the bags, even your undergarments all of it contributes to fashion.

Here You learn all technicalities of the Fashion Designing & Fashion Communication.

It's important to have an understanding of current trends so you can pinpoint what will be the next big thing. Understanding that fashion is a business and not just about creating beautiful clothes is important for your success. Besides decorating the personality, fashion is extended to your attitude, way of work, your approach to deal with matters, construction of buildings and many other arenas.

Here You learn Fashion Retailing, Marketing and Merchandising, testing and Quality Control in Garment, Fashion Ergonomics etc. This course touches on the core concepts that will illuminate the world of Fashion to you.


A well-balanced structure of class-room training and practical application is the highlight of this course.

Image by Charlota Blunarova

Domain Knowledge

Through the practical and theoretical study of fashion and communication design, students can apply their understanding of art, culture, design, textiles, and management to solve design challenges and become experts.


Problem Analysis

Identify, study, evaluate, and design based on market demand while taking environmental issues into account, and work efficiently on creative projects with a problem-solving mindset.


Design Solution

Graduates will be able to concentrate on producing designs and unique solutions in a creative manner using both conventional and modern technologies. Creating designs for both customised and ready-to-wear needs.

Image by Jackson Simmer

Conduct Investigations of Complex Problems

To suggest design solutions and complications occurring in the supply chain and other areas of the fashion industry, use research methods for problem identification, data collection and interpretation, and analysis.


Modern Tool Usage

Understand the application of new technologies linked to design development, resources, and digital tools, including prediction and design development with an awareness of the constraints, and identify, choose, and apply relevant strategies.


Project Management and Finance

Graduates will create business opportunities for themselves and others by focusing on time restrictions, budgets, and collaborative initiatives in a productive working environment.

Career & Job Roles

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